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The Return of Just One Opinion

It’s been a while – a very long while, in fact – since was last updated. I’m very sorry about that and admit that it’s all my fault. I hope that is about to change for 2014. Let me share what has happened and what our contributors and I have been involved in during the past 18-24 months:

kindle-cover-thumbContributor Chi Newman has continued to have great success with her first book, Farewell, My Beijing. In addition to the paperback and Kindle versions widely available through all major book stores, she expanded its distribution by publishing a version on She has just released her second book, a followup to Farewell… titled My China, My World in December 2013. The paperback version of her new book will be available in January 2014. (

Ghosts from Mama's ClubContributor Richard E. Kelly released a sequel to his book Growing Up in Mama’s Club called The Ghosts from Mama’s Club. Both books continue to sell far above Dick’s original expectations. His website also saw a complete redesign and expansion (

Contributors Bob and Claire Rogers have continued their bicycle and motor home excursions throughout the United States. Bob was ill for a few weeks and had to slow down briefly, but is now back up to speed. They continue to update their website and contribute articles to local magazines and newspapers in southern Arizona. (

So you ask, “What happened to” Quite frankly – it got shoved to the back burner. That would be my fault – mostly. Let me explain:

Just when I thought I had my life in order, had cleared my desk of all my old projects, and was about to start outlining two books of my own to publish in 2013 when…

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Eliminating Misinformation about Health Care in America


Most Americans know more "things that ain’t so" about the U.S. Health Care System than any other subject. Economist Tsung-Mei Cheng’s tongue-in-cheek The Universal Law of Health Care Systems sheds some light on this anomaly: 1) No matter how good the … [Continue reading]


So Where’s Chi Newman?


Prior to's extended hiatus in 2011, Chi Newman was one of our regular contributors. Several of her unique and very personal articles became reader favorites. She doesn't focus on politics or religion, but rather on far more … [Continue reading]


President Obama takes a stand

President Obama

I got an email from President Obama today. That's not unusual for me - I often get several dozen every week. I'm on his campaign mailing list (I donated a few bucks a couple of times), so I get messages from his staff, Michelle Obama, his campaign … [Continue reading]


Is Romney too rich?


There is no question that Mitt Romney is rich. If you had any doubts before, by now you know that Romney is very wealthy because he's freely admitted it (and even bragged about it) many times. There's nothing wrong with being rich. Most Americans … [Continue reading]


Have the Republicans Guaranteed Obama’s Re-election?

President Barack Obama

Whether you get your news from cable TV or from major newspapers, by now you’ve noticed that most political commentators agree that the presidential election is effectively over. The consensus is that Barack Obama will win easily against a badly … [Continue reading]


Mitt Romney and Health Insurance


Mitt Romney has a long history of involvement with government mandated health insurance. He likes to brag that the reason his Massachusetts' health plan works so well was the fact that "everyone had to have insurance. " Anyone who ignored the law or … [Continue reading]


Liberty & Freedom vs. Sanctity of Life


All of the remaining Republican presidential candidates have repeatedly emphasized that they believe in the "sanctity of life." They claim to believe in it so strongly that if elected President in 2012 they will actually take steps to overthrow Roe … [Continue reading]


Eat to Live and Live to Eat Well


Joel Fuhrman asserts that U.S. citizens know less about nutrition than any other subject. But then again - he’s a nutritionist. In his bestseller, Eat To Live, Dr. Fuhrman proves his point by making a strong case for people to focus on their health … [Continue reading]


The late, great Republican Party

Future Republican flag?

When I was a young man and trying to find my way through the pitfalls of growing up, a friend of the family noticed that I had a few friends who would clearly get me in trouble sooner than later. In his own special way he counseled me by saying, … [Continue reading]