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Eat to Live and Live to Eat Well

Joel Fuhrman asserts that U.S. citizens know less about nutrition than any other subject. But then again - he’s a nutritionist. In his bestseller, Eat To Live, Dr. Fuhrman proves his point by making a … [Read more...]


Iceland – A magical place

Are you ready to live through winter-like conditions next summer? Then you might want to watch a tiny island country for the foreseeable future. It's Iceland, a special place for many reasons, and … [Read more...]


Diabetes Cure Discovered!

Fact: A cure has been found for Type 2 Diabetes and it's available now to every American. It's also very inexpensive. The problem is that very few people will take advantage of The Cure in spite of … [Read more...]


Chi Newman’s Kitchen Talk

Editor's Note: Chi Newman is a frequent contributor to Just One Opinion. She is our expert on all things Asian, especially Chinese food and culture, because she was born and raised there. Chi wrote … [Read more...]


Bob and Claire sample Chinese health care

Bob and Claire Rogers had a little accident yesterday and had to spend a few hours in a local hospital. I'll let you take a jaunt over to their site to read their story for yourself, but their … [Read more...]


Jack LaLanne turns 95 96!

I guess I must have been about eight years old, watching this muscle man doing exercises on TV. Push ups, sit ups, running in place, and jumping jacks - all exercises that I would be doing a few years … [Read more...]


What We Know About the Bible that Ain’t So – 3

This is the third and last post related to what is known by most Christians about the Bible that ain’t so. While much of this information is reported in Bart Ehrman’s Misquoting Jesus, the following … [Read more...]


The Worst Kind of Liberal Conservative?

“You lie.” Representative Joe Wilson missed his target by millions when he singled out President Barack Obama with his rude assertion. When did we become a nation of liars, or at best a nation of … [Read more...]


Starbucks saves a life

Before we started playing bridge last week, one of my reading buddies, Annette Vogelsang, dropped this small book on my table and said, “I think you’ll enjoy this feel good, inspirational read. Give … [Read more...]


Return to Taiwan, Island in the Sun

Editor's Note: As Bob and Claire Rogers continue their amazing cycling trip, our attention has been focused on all things "Asian." Chi Newman offered to let us publish this adaptation of her article … [Read more...]