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Eat to Live and Live to Eat Well

Joel Fuhrman asserts that U.S. citizens know less about nutrition than any other subject. But then again - he’s a nutritionist. In his bestseller, Eat To Live, Dr. Fuhrman proves his point by making a … [Read more...]


What We Know About the Bible that Ain’t So – 3

This is the third and last post related to what is known by most Christians about the Bible that ain’t so. While much of this information is reported in Bart Ehrman’s Misquoting Jesus, the following … [Read more...]


Starbucks saves a life

Before we started playing bridge last week, one of my reading buddies, Annette Vogelsang, dropped this small book on my table and said, “I think you’ll enjoy this feel good, inspirational read. Give … [Read more...]


English is a Difficult Language

Editor's Note: This article was first published at on April 4, 2009. Chi has been nice enough to share it with our readers. I think you will chuckle a bit as you learn the difficulties … [Read more...]


Stand by Me

We all have our favorite songs. Like just about everyone alive who is within earshot of a radio, I instantly react when I hear certain songs being played. "Stand by Me," co-written and originally … [Read more...]


Farewell, My Beijing

Last fall I had the pleasure of visiting my old friend and the co-editor of, Dick Kelly, at his home in Tucson, Arizona. While we were having coffee and catching up on each others' … [Read more...]


How realistic is a "Green Collar Economy?"

Editor's note by Dick Kelly: Jon Waalkes lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Along with his wife, Kim, Jon has a passionate interest in making this earth a healthy and prosperous place for his future … [Read more...]


The Green Collar Economy

I just finished reading The Green Collar Economy, and I can't ever recall reading a book that changed my way of thinking so dramatically. Now I believe it’s possible to reverse the current economic … [Read more...]



My wife, Helen, and I had a friend and Grand Rapids’ neighbor, Dick Stien, as a guest for eight days in our Tucson home early in December. Dick tells people that he is "post gay," so it didn’t come as … [Read more...]


The God Delusion

“The genie of religious fanaticism is rampant in present-day America, and the Founding Fathers would have been horrified,” so reports Richard Dawkins early on in his best-selling book, The God … [Read more...]