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Making a Case for Natural Gas

In our efforts to provide for the energy needs of a planet that may have 9 billion people living on it by 2050, balanced with our need to be good stewards of the earth’s environment, why aren’t we … [Read more...]


America's Financial Future

Sunny Bal’s first post to elicited several insightful comments and questions, none better than those from Jon Waalkes. In particular, Jon asked, “I look forward to hearing your … [Read more...]


A Sunny View of the Economy

With the economy crashing down around us, I recently felt the need for some good advice from someone who really understands what is happening and how to get through it all. I called my bridge-playing, … [Read more...]


National Banks of America?

The concept of nationalizing any major industry, especially banks and energy companies, has always had a strong negative connotation in America. The political culture has always associated … [Read more...]


The Green Collar Economy

I just finished reading The Green Collar Economy, and I can't ever recall reading a book that changed my way of thinking so dramatically. Now I believe it’s possible to reverse the current economic … [Read more...]


The real gift of Christmas

The gift of Jesus is what Christians celebrate at Christmas, but all too often, they too put the god of consumerism first. I don’t mean to criticize; it’s a cultural thing, and an economic necessity … [Read more...]


Who is Peter Schiff and why didn’t we listen to him?

If you have a circle of Internet friends, you are probably covered up with forwarded opinion pieces every day, as I am. The current financial crisis gives almost everyone a bully pulpit of righteous … [Read more...]


Tightening our belts

Are you tightening your belt? Some Americans are in these challenging times. Not that losing a bit of that fat is such a bad thing. With soaring rates of obesity, diabetes and heart disease, America … [Read more...]


Fed drops funds rate to near 0%

It was at the Federal Reserve's meeting in June, 2006 that Ben Bernanke announced that the federal funds rate was being raised to 5.25%. Later that same day the Prime Rate was raised to 8.25%, setting … [Read more...]


Will loan modifications save the housing market?

Some big banks and major lenders are pledging to modify loans to make them more affordable for struggling homeowners. Citigroup, Countrywide, JPMorgan, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac have all agreed to … [Read more...]