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English is a Difficult Language

Editor's Note: This article was first published at on April 4, 2009. Chi has been nice enough to share it with our readers. I think you will chuckle a bit as you learn the difficulties … [Read more...]


Farewell, My Beijing

Last fall I had the pleasure of visiting my old friend and the co-editor of, Dick Kelly, at his home in Tucson, Arizona. While we were having coffee and catching up on each others' … [Read more...]


The Yin Yang Philosophy

Chinese people believe that in order to have a balanced life one must have opposites. You need your ups and downs, happiness and sorrow, highs and lows, black and white, male and female, and of course … [Read more...]


Obama's Election

It was very exhausting watching the elections for so many months. I'm glad it’s finally over and even happier with the results. My husband, Richard, was a Foreign Service Officer with the Department … [Read more...]