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Our 44th Presidency begins

Proudly and unashamedly using his full name, our new President Barack Hussein Obama, waited patiently as the Chief Justice stumbled over the sequence of a few words, and then took his oath of office … [Read more...]


Our President’s first speech

Words matter, whether they are spoken or sung, because they can change minds and open hearts. There are good words that speak to truth, inspire us individually, and bring people together.  Words … [Read more...]


Obama's Election

It was very exhausting watching the elections for so many months. I'm glad it’s finally over and even happier with the results. My husband, Richard, was a Foreign Service Officer with the Department … [Read more...]


A Most Remarkable Man

In a lifetime we will meet and get to know many interesting and fascinating people - if we are open to making new relationships. Occasionally we are introduced to a person who ratchets the bar up a … [Read more...]


Barack Obama elected 44th President

No longer faced with the possibility that Sarah Palin could become the Vice-President and might take over sometime in the near future for an ill or deceased President McCain, the nation took a … [Read more...]


Sarah Palin's TrooperGate=McCain's Watergate?

We could be on the threshhold of a major political scandal similar to Dick Nixon's infamous Watergate break-in. It may not bring down the government and halt the business of Washington for months like … [Read more...]