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Palin's Balin': Sarah Quits

The 2008 Republican candidate for vice-president, Alaska's Governor Sarah Palin, announced July 3 that she will resign from office on July 26, 2009, and "return to private life." This was a shocking … [Read more...]


Springtime in Alaska

In this, its 50th year as a state, Alaska is getting more national attention than ever before. Lately, Governor Sarah Palin and Senator Ted Stevens have become the primary culprits in this new era … [Read more...]


November 4th – Happy Birthday, Mom!

We'd always kid my mother about her birthday being special because it fell on "election day." It seemed that every time her birthday rolled around there was also an election scheduled, even though she … [Read more...]


Major newspapers endorse candidates

We realize that our readers might be confused about who would get our support to hold the highest office in the USA (and to become the most powerful leader in the entire world) simply because … [Read more...]


Ditz & Dean – Who is the "real" John McCain?

Hey Dean, Sometimes I think McCain chose Sarah Palin as his running mate to distract folks from his egocentric, rude personality. I read today a personal impression from Ana Dubey after she spent a … [Read more...]


Troopergate – Part 2

A fourteen member, Republican-dominated Legislative Council met in closed session Friday. After seven hours of exhaustive review with investigator Stephen Branchflower, the Alaska legislators voted … [Read more...]


McCain vs. Obama – Notes on the 2nd debate

With financial markets and the economy crashing down around them, Tuesday night Senators John McCain and Barack Obama engaged in a rather restrained debate about who was really to blame and whose plan … [Read more...]


Ditz & Dean – Palin's Interviews

Hey Dean, Are you up yet? I saw the following AP news story on September 27, under the headline, “Palin Interviews Spark GOP Concerns”: Kathleen Parker, a conservative columnist who welcomed Sarah … [Read more...]


Intelligent Design: Religion or Science?

In a recent conversation with a dear friend, I mentioned my concerns about a political candidate, Sarah Palin (she could one day be a heart beat away from the American Presidency), who espouses … [Read more...]


Sarah Palin's TrooperGate=McCain's Watergate?

We could be on the threshhold of a major political scandal similar to Dick Nixon's infamous Watergate break-in. It may not bring down the government and halt the business of Washington for months like … [Read more...]